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The perfect creative space for singers, songwriters and musicians. Offering the ultimate contemporary collaborative experience. Based in the beautiful Essex countryside, just outside of Braintree (approx 1hr from London) it offers a serene creative retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Platinum selling producers & Songwriters

Our team of world class writer/producers are on hand to help you make the record you’ve always wanted to make. Whether you are a seasoned singer/songwriter or a new artist with no writing experience at all!


Publish your songs

We are a proud partner of UK publishing company Sentric Music and can take care of all your publishing needs for your newly written masterpiece! Offering not only worldwide registration of your works but also seeking out opportunities for your music via their comprehensive sync network and live opportunities.


Release your record

Once you’ve put in the hours in the studio crafting your next hit, we can help you take the next and unleash it upon the world!


Grammy award winning mixing service

Take your new record to the next level by utilising our in house Grammy Award winning mix engineer. Whether you recorded it with us or not!


World class vocal and instrumental tuition.

At Run Wild Music we want you to grow with us! So we can take you from starting out, learning the basics of your chosen instrument, all the way to releasing your first single!



Started in 2017 by platinum selling songwriter and record producer Jamie Sellers, Run Wild Music has been making an impression on the music industry since day 1. After moving from his native Glasgow to London in 2009, Jamie spent 6 years in and out of various recording studios in and around London, honing his craft and building a reputation as a forward thinking and versatile writer/producer, before moving to North Essex in 2015.

After spending a lot of time in various recording facilities and working with artists both big and small, Jamie noticed that the contemporary writing and production process, whereby an artist will collaborate closely with a producer to help to hone their sound and ideas, was a world that seemed, to many artists like a closed industry, and that they were reduced to working in their local, traditional recording studios where the producers and facilities were often out of touch and not equipped to deliver the sorts of results that a modern artist demands.


“We want to bring the modern writing and recording process to all artists...”

jamie sellers  |  Founder

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What we do...

Our mission at Run Wild Music is to provide the modern artist and musician with a creative sanctuary, free from the constraints of the stale, sterile traditional recording studio environment, where anything is possible. Our state of the art, boutique recording facility, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Essex countryside is the perfect creative space to work on your next masterpiece.

Why we do what we do...

The recording studio, and more importantly, the relationship between the artist, the producer and the studio has been evolving for the past 20 years. Whereas the recording studio traditionally has been a very functional space. No frills. All knobs, dials, compressors etc. etc. The modern studio is far more streamlined and creative space, and as a result has become the central focus for all aspects of music creation, from the initial spark of an idea, to working it out, to writing the song and ultimately (of course) recording it. This is how 99% of modern records are created. Through a close collaboration between artist and producer from the ground up.

It was because of this, we saw a need for a more creative-centric type of studio. One where, you don't have to have your song all written ahead of time, musicians on board, rehearsed etc. before you can consider going into the studio. At Run Wild Music, you can work with one of our world class producer/writers to help take YOUR ideas and YOUR talent, and craft a completely bespoke style and sound for your record, helping you to turn heads and make an impression, in this ever increasingly saturated marketplace.

That's how the artists you listen to and love make their records, and we want to bring that experience to all artists. 


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